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Chris and his team are a dynamic group of motivational speakers that are sure to encourage your team to grow your organization. Every keynote is custom tailored to inspire your team members and is delivered with great enthusiasm. Our Synergy speakers are riveting and every speech provides great value and a fantastic experience.


Imagine what it would feel like to receive rave reviews from customers, praise from your managers and applause from your coworkers and leadership.


Actively engage by enhancing interpersonal communication, creativity and team spirit starting with the readjustment of your growing mindset.


Be the Leader that your team loves. Polish and supercharge your ability to inspire, motivate, and guide a team of individuals to willingly take action and achieve extraordinary results.


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  •  Building Trust – Build trust within the organization.
  • Right Mental Attitude (R.M.A.) – Have the right mental attitude in the workplace.
  • Make it Fun! – Enjoy being a part of the organization; add some fun activities and extra humor and or style as part of the corporate culture.
  • Be a “First-Giver” – Give first and let the law of reciprocity do the rest.
  • Be a Synergist – Come together in accomplishing the organization’s goals with the perspective of contributing to a shared destiny

The Strategic Planning Retreat is designed to guide Senior Executive Teams through a process of creating and implementing a purpose driven plan. Move your organization towared a shared destiny.

  • Step #1: Creating an internal mission statement
  • Step #2: The completion of a SWOT analysis
  • Step #3: Determining the execution essentials
  • Step #4: What gets measured gets done
We do more than just traditional methods for a truly revolutionary plan.
  • Bring the “WOW” back to your organization.
  • Create a fantastic impression every time you take care of a customer.
  • Receive rave reviews from clients, praise from your managers, and applause from coworkers.
  • Be respected, valued and trusted.
In a high energy, engaging and informative presentation, you will learn the powerful keys in releasing your personal “WOW” Factor!
  • Open you heart and bring Joy back into the workplace!
  • Live with purpose and passion while promoting the enjoyment of working.
  • Inspire and be inspired while creating zones of inspiration.
  • Be open to the strengths and potential greatness in others.
  • Have a shared destiny that is filled with Synergy.
Joy is the euphoric feeling we experience when our thoughts, feeling and actions are in complete harmony with our mission, be it personal or organizational.
  • Lead with Gusto!
  • Motivate and Communicate highlighting the vision, values and goals.
  • Initiate the building of trust through positive relationships.
  • Coach, counsel, and mentor individuals through any organizational change.
  • Create high-performance teamwork through focused behavioral application.

Synergistic leaders are positive change motivators, leading their team to a shared destiny while providing them with a healthy and rewarding work environment.

  • Focus on the importance of building long-term quality relationships with your customers.
  • Build a solid reputation of trust by helping your customers establish their true needs and wants.
  • Create life-time value through effective relationship selling and building customers for life.
  • Understand the importance  of person to person relationships and how it can influence the signing of a contract.
Our Synergy programs provide dynamic, instructional, experiential training for your sales team to win loyal customers for your organization for life. 

“Triple Win”: The Customer Wins; the Company Wins and the Team Wins . . . in that Order

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Customers reviews

What Do People Say?

“Wonderful! Brilliant! First thing was joy and effective immediate tools that lead to success. I cannot recommended Chris highly enough!”
Liz Jaeschke
Barratt American, Inc.
Chris Alexander is an outstanding speaker, he really connected with our audience, we asked him to come back as often as his schedule will allow.”
Deborah Courtney
D.R. Horton, Hawaii Division
“Chris Alexander has an incredible teaching gift - he really knows how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand.”
Professor Richard Cheshire
Chapman University