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Chris is a nationally renowned, well-known authority in world-class team building. He is a maestro in orchestrating underperforming employees into becoming high caliber, first string goal getters. Chris’s core competency is in his accomplished ability to customize, lead, train, and embed a purpose-driven psychology of shared destiny throughout an entire organization. As a result, his Synergy programs turn trained leaders into top-caliber corporate coaches who build great systems, shift mindsets, and build a culture of teamwork and open communication. Chris’s goal is to ignite greater awareness, sense of belonging and a deeper connection to human relationships within the corporate culture of the organization, leading to greater personal and business growth. To date, Chris has worked with companies such as Mercedes Benz, Nature’s Bounty, Behr Paints, and Kroger Foods just to name a few. He has helped increase productivity and profitability for more than 200 companies worldwide.

Chris offers live training programs, books, audio, and video online training programs. He works with Executive Managers and teams to create a synergistic work environment supercharged with mutual respect and team power. When working with Chris, you will find that your employees develop a sense of belonging, personal satisfaction, and have more dedication working for your organization. Chris’s Synergy programs have been implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. The trainings are the ultimate solution to high-performance team building in your organization.

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Chris is a powerful speaker who will sweep the crowd into screaming “WOW- what a ride” while standing to applause his dynamic delivery. He is a master at captivating his audience through empowering stories filled with humor and great insight. If you want your team to feel inspired to become goal-getters, hire Chris today.


Alexander’s largest audience has been his two PBS TV shows, titled “Creating Extraordinary Joy” and “Joy in the Workplace” reaching 4,500,000 people with each broadcast.

Team Power

The 5 Success Habits of High-Performance Business Teams

Sales Power

The Art and Skill of Relationship Selling

Strategic Planning

A Blueprint for Organizational Planning and Execution

Leadership Training

The Art and Practice of Building and Leading High-Performance Business Teams

"WOW" Factor!

Bring the “WOW” Factor! into Your Business and Earn Customer Loyalty for Life

Joy in the Workplace

Creating Zones of Inspiration, Trusting Relationships and Profitable Work Environments

Meet the Synergy Executive Education Team

"The foundation of synergy is relationship trust and the essence of synergy is the inspiring shared experience."

Synergy Team