The Purpose of Proper Training

SynergySaleswords1As American industry shifts from the traditional top down management style of past generations to today’s high performance organizations, training is essential. It is necessary to help all levels within the business to understand the new role they will soon undertake.

With the transformation, responsibilities will be placed at the lowest level. It is essential that these new duties be clearly defined and well documented. Through training a consistent message can be delivered to all Associates explaining the changes and allowing an opportunity for discussion.

The key to a successful training program is the incorporation of the Member’s ideas. It is essential to always note that training is individualized and relies on input from the participants. A key motivator is for the individual is to have his thought become part of the process and procedure.

Utilizing the ideas gathered during the training process can be extremely beneficial. A great case study involves the cruise industry and the norovirus. The easiest way to prevent its spread is through handwashing. A Café Supervisor on Norwegian Cruise Lines sings a little song and sanitizes the guests’ hands as they enter. He took the lead and as a result receives the highest customer service ratings.

Obviously you want individuals willing to present solutions on your Team. More importantly, the good guy wants to stick around because he is emotionally invested. After all, in the words of Sally Fields, “You like me, you really like me!” Certainly money is important however feeling you’re part of the organization can be more meaningful. Retaining key employees is critical to every organization and listening to and training employees is one success factor.

Perhaps the key take away from training, especially when it involves multi-functional teams, is a new respect for others. Often the infamous, “you don’t know, what you don’t know” is answered. This makes the training invaluable as a greater understanding of departmental relationships is developed.

For a business to truly commit itself to the employees and training a future has to be outlined. Too often the window barely extends 90 days which makes it difficult to determine where the future lies. A great advantage to a training program is the need to analyze where you foresee the business. It forces the issue of a strategic plan and requires a meeting of management minds. What is extremely important is the approach used to present this plan. Management presents a framework to be utilized by the Team which certainly has the option to modify as agreed upon.

Business far too often views training “as a nice to have.” Employees too often view it as the “flavor of the month.” However when management is committed to and allows employees the ability to run with it amazing things can happen as the program progresses.

  • Through creation of a long term training program businesses are forced to think strategically.

  • Employees feel committed to the organization when given a forum to express and have their ideas implemented.

  • Team Members develop a deeper respect for other departments.

It present a win-win-win opportunity!

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