The Synergy Executive Education Team has one goal in mind… to elevate the success of your organization through the most effective corporate training programs in the world.

Chris Alexander


Chris is the ultimate solution to high performance team building in organizations. A master leadership coach, team psychology expert and employee engagement warrior, Chris’s core competency is his ability to customize, lead, train, and embed, a purpose-driven psychology of shared destiny throughout an entire organization. As a result, his Synergy programs turn stressed out employees into dedicated teams of goal-getters.

Chris works with Executives Managers and teams to create a work environment free of fear, and supercharged with team power. One that delivers a sense of belonging, personal satisfaction and job enrichment to all members. His Synergy programs have been implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.
To date, Chris has worked with companies such as Mercedes Benz, Natures Bounty, Behr Paints, and Kroger Foods just to name a few.

Chris Alexander is the CEO of Synergy Executive Education, a highly effective and supercharged change management practice focused on people-centered change. A trailblazer, Chris has authored 9 business and personal development books, had 2 PBS TV shows, and has advanced degrees in Organizational Behavior. His TV shows, titled “Creating Extraordinary Joy” and “Joy in the Workplace,” have gotten much acclaim reaching 4,500,000 people with each broadcast; and serves as the basis for his powerful and optimistic training and coaching methods.

Chris believes in helping others and paying it forward. He has been an active volunteer assisting several non-profits such as Working Wardrobes, The John Henry Foundation, and Olive Crest in their efforts to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Chris and his team’s accolades include:

-The“People Helping People” Award
-Emmy Award for Overall Excellence in Business Education for the Coast Telecourse: “Dollar$ and Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century”
Aegis Star Award
Barratt American Award for excellence in Education
-Lead negotiator for the release of Nelson Mandela

When not in a conference or training workshops, you will find Chris scuba diving, snorkeling, doing karate, traveling to places of interest around the world, listening to Jimmy Buffett, the Beatles and Pavarotti and spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids, and focusing on the good things in life. A devoted optimist , synergist ,artist and musician , Chris believes people should be free and empowered to live life to its fullest, to express their opinions and allow others the equal freedom to have and express their opinions. He believes that by joining experience, knowledge, and creativity, the combination, causes a much greater positive effect and a shared destiny brimming with the rewards of synergy.

Mark Lindsey


Mark Lindsey graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a BS in Industrial Technology and later obtained a MBA from West Coast University.  He has been active within ASQ’s Orange Empire Section for 30+ years earning multiple certifications (i.e. CSSBB, CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA).

During the last 12 years he has served in a variety of supporting roles on the ASQ Leadership Council where he currently is the Education Committee Chair and Instructor for many of the ASQ Certification Refresher/Prep Courses and a presenter at numerous ASQ Conferences, Seminars, and Clinics at the National, Division, and Section Levels.

In addition, he serves as part-time Professor at the Cal State University Fullerton School of Business teaching Quality Management and is also occasionally utilized by other Training Organizations for in-house training on Quality related topics ( ASQ Certifications, Quality Fundamentals, Lean Six Sigma, AIAG Core Tools – APQP, PPAP, FMEA, Control Plans, SPC & Process Capability, MSA, Root Cause Analysis, etc).

Mark has served as a Quality Engineer in various industries (i.e. Aerospace/Defense, Electronics Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, and Amusement and Recreation).  He has led numerous projects with strategic suppliers and with internal business operations to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of their operations.

For the last 13+ years, Mark has been a full time Cast Member of the Worldwide Safety and Assurance Team for the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts where he supports a myriad of processes in sustaining the Attractions to be safe and reliable for their Guests’ enjoyment.   He has received awards at Disney for contributions in Safety and Quality with its internal business partners and key suppliers.

Mark continues to serve as a part-time Instructor for organizations serving the greater Orange County area where he enjoys networking to share experiences and to learn from others on how to effectively deal with problems (spend less time firefighting) in order to be able to focus on  how to make “good” “great”.

Ivan Alexander


Professionally Ivan has been a trainer in most of his positions. While serving in the United States Navy, Ivan was the training officer for their division of Aerographers Mates (Weather Forecasting Division). While at the Ritz-Carlton, Ivan was the departments Quality Leader – a program that trained new employees centered around company core values. During Ivan’s final year of Grad School and for one year after, he taught cultural strengths and community development. Shortly after Ivan was hired as a trainer for Synergy Executive Education.

Ivan is focused on people-centered change with the purpose of building High-Performance Business Teams and improving overall culture change within an organization. Ivan is qualifies in the following areas:

· Team Power
· Communication
· Time Management
· Triple Win
· Synergy Wow Factor
· Personal Leadership

Ivan received his Masters from Cal State Fullerton, and graduated as President of the Geography Department’s Academic Club.

Due to Synergy being a family business, Ivan has learned the teachings provided by Synergy his entire life, and went official within the Marketing department in 2010. Ivan has since proven himself as a vital component to Synergy, and has recently stepped up as one of Synergy’s speakers and trainers.

Dale Havey

Dale Harvey


Successful business leader, manager, organizational and strategic business consultant.

If you would like your company’s talent to feed off of successful systems and processes, then have Dale Harvey talk business with you.

Because of Dale Harvey’s extensive background, education, executive training and successful track record of managing companies, it is no wonder why businesses and organizations have asked him to serve on their board of directors, guiding them in leadership positions in the development of organizational structure. This is what we call “Technical Architecture”. We use it to improve company performance and bottom line results. Public and private enterprises over the past 25 years have benefited by Harvey’s ability to comprehend, organize, implement, grow and manage complex projects, teams and companies to deliver award winning profitable results and satisfied clients.

Dale Harvey is an expert at understanding the business owner perspective then building a workable program that will provide solutions to today’s unique business issues. His Synergy Business Consulting practice emphasizes:
· Strategic Planning

· Market Re-Positioning

· Business Plan Development

· Organizational Assessment

· Systems & Process Improvement

His work also involves leading segments of Synergy retreats and custom designed workshops while interweaving the “Social Architecture” of his partner, Chris Alexander.

“There is no limit to the challenges business owners face in today’s economic climate. Likewise, there is no limit to the realm of solutions that are possible. What every business owner needs is someone who can understand where they want to go and then lead them there. Often we, as business owners, are too close to the situation to see the answers that lay right in front of us. That is why it is business smart to have Synergy see it for you.”

Dale Harvey is an example of old fashioned “learn it from the bottom up” business education. He built his practical and applied knowledge of business one step at a time. After attaining his university degree, his start in business literally took him from the proverbial low-man on the totem pole to president and chairman of the board of a public company. One of his favorite and often repeated quotes is, “I am no better or worse a man than you because we both put our pants on the same way…one leg at a time.”

He treats all his business clients with the utmost respect and confidentiality, freely sharing with them the lessons he has learned along his travels on the road of business.

If you like where you are at, enjoy the ride. If you are not yet satisfied, contact us and let our Synergy team of professionals engage with you and your team, leading your organization to reach beyond where you are now, and achieve those elusive results that you have been missing

Mary McNulty


As the newest member of the Synergy team, Mary McNulty is the creator of many of the social media posts on Synergy Executive Education. She also enjoys participating as a Brand Ambassador at many events. Mary has a great background for the position. With a Master’s in Management, the University of Laverne, a Bachelor’s in Political Science, UC Santa Barbara and a Certification in Internet Marketing, UC Irvine she is well experienced in the needs of the adult learner. Mary prides herself in translating the message to the level appropriate for the audience. Synergy Executive Education is very pleased to bring an individual on board with such diverse knowledge. In the past, Mary has held positions in operations management, training, and journalism. Please welcome Mary to the Synergy team when attending the next event.
Maryna Alexander

Maryna Alexander


Maryna Alexander wears many hats at Synergy. She is the general manager, company administrator, problem solver and customer liaison specialist. Maryna has been with Synergy from its very first day and has been instrumental in the development of training programs, books, videos and audio tapes. In every high performance team there is an individual who willingly supports their team, she is go-to and support person for all Synergy’s trainers and associate trainers


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