Bring the “WOW” Factor! into Your Business and Earn Customer Loyalty for Life

“What would happen to your brand if you consistently received rave reviews?”

– Chris Alexander


Provide the “WOW” Factor! to your customers through our powerful customer experience training programs. These days, customer satisfaction is not enough. In today’s competitive market place, brand loyalty is the determining factor underlining recurring purchase behavior. When your customer is loyal to your brand, your organization will have a distinct advantage.

To create this loyalty you need to give your customers an “experience,”one that that leaves them saying “Wow that was great!”

To grow this loyalty, you need to input a grass roots system which motivates your customers to not only continue to buy from you but share their experience. We can help.


Boost Customer Experience with our “WOW” Factor! Workshops

If your organization is seeking a way to grow brand loyalty, our “WOW” Factor! workshops will train your team to enhance your customer experience to new heights. Customers are the backbone of your business, and as such they must be treated with great respect; and must also be enlivened. Our programs will teach your leadership and team to do just this.

Just think, it was not by luck, chance or fate that you were blown away by remarkable service during one of your own purchases. Most likely, your experience was motivated by a deliberate choice, backed by the driving purpose of a smart and enlightened business.

As such, every purchase we make is the direct result of the choices an Enlightened organization makes in relation to the Customer Experience.

Inspire Your Customers


Enlightened Leadership

Our training will enlighten your leadership and teach them to “WOW” customers as a core value and as an honorable way to do business.

Deeper Commitment

Our programs are “Smart” because it will provide your organization with the understanding of a need for a deeper commitment to the customer experience.

Go Beyond

Go beyond the bottom line and recognize that customer and brand loyalty are essential pieces for immediate and steady growth.

Learn to Thrive

By delighting the customer, your organization will thrive on consistent revenue increases, lowered costs and greater profitability.

Customer Loyalty

The "WOW" Factor! is what every organization must have in order to inspire their customers to be loyal to them.

Become Enlightened

To be “WOW”ed is flattering, attractive, and everyone wants more of it. Become enlightened!

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