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Watch and see what people are saying about the Synergy Executive Education experience.

What our Customers are Saying About Chris Alexander:

“Triple Win – the Customer Wins; the Company Wins and the Team Wins . . . In That Order.”

“Wonderful! Brilliant! First thing was joy and effective immediate tools that lead to success. I cannot recommended Chris highly enough!”
Liz Jaeschke,
Barratt American, Inc.
“Chris Alexander is the best speaker my sales team and I have ever seen. We loved his “WOW” Factor presentation, we want more.”
Nicolina Cuzzero
Sales Manager, Meritage Homes
“Chris Alexander helped us improve our business greatly. He helped structure our systems and processes, improve our customer service and in every aspect of our business, we became more synergized and focused. He understood our creative approach and adapted his program to suit us - the results are absolutely outstanding!”
Lisa Klang
President & C.E.O., Klang & Associates
“Chris Alexander and the Synergy Programs have made us a better organization. The interactive and creative approach to improving our service and communication to our customers, both internal and external, the sales process and overall team development have had dramatic impacts on our overall success. Chris has helped us instill a cultural change and philosophy that is needed in business today, one that is focused on service, communication and teamwork regardless of the targeted customer. Thanks for playing a key role in our current and future success.”
Scott Grugel
Chief Operating Officer, Interior Specialists, Inc.
“At Mercedes, we strive to give our customers the best service in the world. That is why we engaged Chris Alexander and his Synergy Program to help us maintain our competitive advantage. Synergy has been a great success for us. Instead of trying to manage a huge shop of more than 100 technicians – with Chris’ help, we formed smaller shops (teams) of 8-10 technicians. This made each team feel more empowered to make decisions in their own areas of expertise. Their attitudes changed! They weren’t just out for the dollar but took a more personal responsibility in making sure every car was perfect for delivery. As a result, our customer satisfaction ratings rocketed! We now work more effectively as a team to satisfy our discerning and demanding customers.”
Bob Evans
Senior Service Manager, Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz
“Chris Alexander’s Synergy Program has made us a much more efficient and successful business. He has guided us through a management and team process that has helped us implement a customer driven culture. Through the Synergy Process, we have achieved clearer direction and focus, become more profitable and achieved national top 5 ranking in customer satisfaction!”
Mick Pattinson
President & C.E.O., Barratt American, Inc.