Synergy Leaders are the communicators and motivators of the vision, values, and goals, initiating communication and building relationship trust. It is their responsibility to coach, counsel, and mentor individuals through the process of organizational change. They build high-performance teamwork through daily practical behavioral application. From the CEO to the frontline manager, the integrity of the entire business depends upon whether the executive team practices good leadership principles and become the examples and catalysts for positive change.When the leadership team is on the same page, the rest of the organization falls more easily into alignment. Understanding how to practice an accepted strong set of leadership behavioral skills creates a greater sense of competency in an employee’s mind, particularly if the core values are seen to be practiced and supported. An attitudinal and loyalty synergy “glue” is then created between management and staff.

We have all worked for companies that are confused about their leadership style. Unity of direction, leadership, and consistent role modeling are critical components for success. They demonstrate that we are truly dedicated to building a culture of integrity.

Good leadership can be described as the ability by which an
individual is able to inspire, motivate, and guide a team of
individuals to willingly take action and achieve
extraordinary results.

Choosing to achieve the extraordinary means you have to love the idea of winning through people. It requires learning how to coach, council, nurture, and discipline a team of super achievers and focus them on a shared destiny.

There is a distinct difference between management and leadership. We believe you manage things (cash flow, schedules and systems) but for high-performance teamwork you have to learn how to lead and synergize a team. A successful executive is one who has mastered both management and leadership abilities.

Good leaders believe that fear in the workplace is counter productive and that fear motivation does not last, but desire motivation grows and increases productivity, reduces staff turnover. People love to work for a good leader who challenges and inspires them in an atmosphere of support and respect.

Your Team will Learn:

  • How to Become a Powerful Coach
  • How to Implement Teamwork
  • How to Motivate, Discipline, and Build a High-Performance Team
  • How to Focus on Achieving Excellence
  • How to Structure and Organize Your Team
  • The Character and Image of a Good Leader
  • How to Create Effective Organizational Environments

Duration: Half day; one- and two-day formats

``Powerful leadership behavioral skills that create zones of inspiration, innovation and participation!``

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.58.51 AMA leadership commitment is required to build a culture of integrity. This means making a commitment to going beyond the bottom line in every aspect of the business. It means a commitment to the principles of quality, teamwork and customer service; and a passionate belief in respect for the individual. It means that the vision, values and goals become the number one operational, driving force and decision-making platform in the business.

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