Captain WOW! and The Triple A Team


Captain WOW! and The Triple A Team
Delivering The WOW! Customer Experience

by Chris Alexander and Mary Mcnulty

Spreading both joy and happiness to anyone who touches the organization requires the leadership of Captain WOW! As leader of the Triple A Team you ZAP! internal conflict. You KAPOW! disgruntled customers with service which truly reflects your name WOW!
With the support of the Triple A Team any organization can quickly develop brand loyalty. It simply takes internal customers embracing the Three “A’s” and converting the plan into action for the external customers. Captain WOW!  understands this culture must –not should–be followed for success and continued growth.


A majority of us are familiar with Maslow’s Theory which states lower needs, such as food and shelter, must be satisfied before others are addressed. In the world of Captain WOW! awareness is the basic need which must be met to establish the complete experience.
An excellent example is the Ritz Carlton. While you may think the valet is only concerned with parking the car you would be incorrect. The valet keeps very important, personal notes on the guests such as snack and drink preferences. On your return visit BOOM! Captain WOW! has insured the room is properly stocked.  The Ritz Carlton has built the brand on attention to such small details.


Captain WOW! realizes that among both types of customers-internal and external- awareness alone is insufficient. Having the proper service mentality or attitude cannot be taught. The Triple A Team must have the proper sense of “what can I do to help?”  You gotta WOW! the customer with your awareness of their likes and it’s gotta be done with a smile. No, it can’t be done with clenched teeth and a smirk.  It has to be genuine or you will be called.


Lip service resolves absolutely nothing and actually hinders success.  Captain WOW! is well aware trust builds businesses. Consequently some of the most effective actions are the little surprises an organization can bring to the customer. BAM!  Fletcher Jones Mercedes throws a birthday party for the higher end models when purchased complete with a bow. Monthly deliveries of dog supplies more than likely contain a surprise treat. What do you think the first thing you go for? The treat of course! BOOM! another customer under the influence of Captain WOW! Along with the Captain, the Triple A Team promotes two things and only two things –joy and happiness. It’s done when the three “A’s” Awareness-Attitude and Action are part of the culture. It impacts any individual that touches the team and leads to a WOW! customer experience.

Chris Alexander-CorporateChris Alexander M.A. (Org. Psych)
Award-Winning Business-Building Strategist and Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Professional Speaker

Chris Alexander is the founder and president of Synergy Executive Education, a highly effective change management practice specializing in people-centered change. He is an award winning business building strategist, professional speaker, and author of 9 business and personal development books. So far, Alexander’s largest audience has been his two PBS TV shows, titled “Creating Extraordinary Joy” and “Joy in the Workplace.” His Synergy programs have been implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. He has advanced degrees in Organizational Behavior and is an expert at building high-performance business teams focused on a shared destiny.

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